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Access Computer with Password

Hack PC / Laptop which is PASSWORD PROTECTED
With this trick you can easily Hack all the PC/laptop when it is password protected.
The good thing is,
after removing USB Flashdrive and boot-up again, the password of PC/Laptop is still there.
Supported OS : Windows XP, VISTA & Windows 7

USB Flashdrive, KONUSB software

Step 1:

Download KONUSB software

Step 2:
Plug in USB Flashdrive into the PC/laptop and double click
on KONBOOTINSTALL.exe & enter the drive letter of the USB That’s it…

Step 3:
Now insert the Flashdrive into the PC/Laptop whichever u want to hack, and boot via USB (using Pendrive) …
That’s it.. Next press OK for everything … if it asks for password, leave blank and press OK

1. PC / Laptop must support USB Flashdrive Booting.

2.This trick won’t change the Password of the PC / Laptop whatever you hacked..
It just bypass the password restriction.. If u remove the USB Flashdrive,
and boot normally it’ll remains the same as it is password protected.

It works in All Operating systems including windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 etc.,
100 % Working.


Getting knowledge about hacking will also you prevent being hacked. Thanks for sharing, this is very useful especially for people who always store important files in their computer/laptop.

LOL I didn't know this is possible. I want to try it but I get too lezy when it comes to downloading files..

although this all sound gibberish to me {call me a tech noob!} i think it is cool that you are sharing some trade secrets to other people who might be interested ^_^

This trick can be useful specially when you forgot your own computer's password. I should know, happens to me always...

I'll try it next time. :))But I'll buy a cheap USB flash disk first for this method.

oh no. passwords nowadays are already useless because of the hackers and computers experts roaming around the internet. guess caution nlng cguro.

ang galing source of information ng blogsite na to! thanks!... mmmm pede pala un? pero wala na ata imposible sa technology! thanks!

hehe i've also learn hacking from my school.. Thanks STI :)

ayos to ha...pero pano na lang kung yung computer ang mahack ...ay saklap! haha

Whew! Didn't know this could be possible. Well anyway, no one's using my laptop naman. But still, thank you for sharing. This made me aware that such thing can happen.

Nice trick. It's a great way to bypass a pc if you forgot your password, which I end up doing a lot...

Two thumbs-up! You've worked this out so well.

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