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CPA Approval

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Getting in

       I'll show you how to get accepted from the first time, For an example we will use CPALead which I'm a member of. Next, In the registeration process there's nothing to worry about or you would need help with except for 2 things. 1)Site description 2)How will you promote our offers?

1) For this you should write as much as you can, more of a big paragraph including how your website attracts visitors and describe your home page the tips and hints you'll give your visitors, Your sub pages which you want to lock with their gateway as it has articles of unique content which visitors would search for on the internet.

2)  This isn't far behind from the site description but it's also necessary for getting accepted, This is the part where you'll describe your content, In other words persuade the AM reading this to accept you so let's see an example of what you should write “As you've probably seen by now, My website is rich of unique content regarding XX, I will promote XX offers using my website.
     I will work on indexing my website in google and other Search Engines, Also I will work on white hat SEO to get my website more targeted traffic, People will complete offers through my website to unlock the charming content which they will badly want.” Hopefully after posting something like this, You'll get accepted, If not they will email you saying your info about your website were insufficient so you should re-email the AM who emailed you giving a bit more description and more answers to his questions.

Last but not least, I want to thank you for reading my guide and I hope you enjoyed it. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any issue on implementing the presented method.

I hope that would help you Good Luck.



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