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What is a CPA

What is a CPA Network?

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    CPA stands for “Cost per Action”. It means, you get paid when some action happens. This action can be entering email address, submitting zip (postal) code, signing up for a web service, buying a product and much, much more. You may say so what? I just enter my email and get paid? The answer is, you are not supposed to do the Action, youmust have others to the action for you.
Ok what benefit does this Action have? Answer: there are many online, offline services that need emails, zip codes, and personal information of people for their business and they just ask you to do so. They want you to collect that information or sell their product. The good news is they pay you in return. You may not believe me but people are making living this way. This type of marketing is called Affiliate Marketing.
Affiliate marketers collect the data for business owners and get paid up to … there is no limit. I personally know some guys earning 50k+/month online. Yes, by just promoting CPA offers. Yes, by just marketing for other business owners. And if I say that there are hundreds of thousand business owners pay affiliate marketers you will get the idea!!!!
Ok, so what is a CPA network? These kinds of networks just list the CPA offers for affiliate marketers and ask them to promote the offers using legit ways. The affiliates then will promote the offers to real people with their own method. Each affiliate has his/her own unique method that could bea secret!
Where do the CPA offers come from? The business owners or so-called “Advertisers” go to CPA networks and want them to add their offer to the CPA offers list. Why should the networks do this business? Is there any benefit for CPA networks? Of course there is, no one works for free!!
The business owners pay some money (say $10) to the CPA network for each conversion (or the Action stated above) they make. Then the CPA network gives a portion of that to the affiliate who is promoting the offer (e.g $7.5). Therefore, a win-win-win situation occurs for the business owner, CPA network owner, and affiliate marketer.
Well, this is about power of numbers, just imagine that you, as an affiliate, can generate 10 conversions per day for that offer. You will earn $75 per day or $2250 per month and that is only from just one offer. If you promote just 10 offers, then your earning would be $22500 per month. Can you believe this? 
As the money rules, CPA network do not allow every person promote their offers. They want you to apply for the network. The network then will review the application and make a decision based on provided information in your application.

  How to get accepted into any CPA Network?

            A very common question asked among publishers and  monetizers all over the internet, The solution to all their  refusal emails lies in a very small trick, Basically not a trick  but a way of convincing the AM (Affiliate manager).  I'm pretty sure you don't want to read too much and you  want to get into the hit so get armed.  First of all  You've got to understand what the target networks  most prefer in their publishers, You'll mostly know that from  their offers, Usually you'll find insurance & Gaming offers, as  they're preferred by a lot of networks, so get ready to create  your Free, Simply, 5 minutes worth of working website that  will get you accepted.  I've always believed Viviti is one of the easiest and  most professional looking easy setup website creators, So  we should be signing up with viviti, your domain name  doesn't matter, Just call it something related to gaming or  insurance.

         Pick a dark business theme and set it up, Now to  make the page look more real, You gotta add some gadgets,  so just browse their java scripts and add some timer or  counter or something, If you didn't find any you can check, Also adding an Adbrite or Adsense  advertisement would make your website look like you're  making some business, Just don't flood it with ads, A Simple  right coloumn advertisement would look good.  Now, Google a popular game to monetize, Let's say  counter strike or Halo or Wolfteam, Leech some tutorials  and glitches articles from forums and blogs, Post around 4  or 5 posts and create 2 pages one for glitches or servers  and the other for screen shots/Hacks/Private servers  whatever.  Make your website look as legit as possible.


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