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Bidtraffic Earn 50-100$+ a week

Click this banner, register, take note of your information. Request a ticket for vip+ publisher, invest some effort in publishing ads. After that you can at least earn 50$+ a week..

First off:: What is

Bidtraffic ?

Bidtraffic is a great cpc site for every click you will
get paid . It can give you 5$ per click usually 2$-3$ ..
To make money you have to join as a publisher on
bidtraffic (I got pm asking what is publisher and
advertiser) .
So in this Blog I am going to show you how you
can use bidtraffic even if you are new to the site..If
you are not a member of bidtraffic then join using
this link


This is

After joining to the bidtraffic first thing you need is
your feed version should be VIP+.

As you can see in this image Feed version is VIP+.
Getting VIP+ feed is really simple.

How to be VIP+ on Bidtraffic.

Go to and click ticket

And write them that you just signedup and need
VIP+ feed for your account .. Usually it takes 1 day to
be VIP+ . Once you got vip feed you can use
bidtraffic tool box (image).For setting up you
have to use this toolbox.

Bidtraffic can be used with blog or without blog !!

Using Bidtraffic in blog .
But first you must know that bidtraffic don’t allow
free domain like blogspot , wordpress etc .That
means when you add your javascript code and get
click then there are chances of ban .. You can see
how to get javascript below .
For using bidtraffic you have to use JavaScript feed
and gFeed .
When you go to javascript feed you will see this .
this code is for free hosting (blogspot , wordpress )
and I said BT don’t like click from free domain and
hosting .

This code will be used for blogspot , and wordpress
blog . And I said Bidtraffic don’t allow free domain
and hosting .
This will happen if you use this type of code

You will get searches as referrer and
click from your site . It will make force bidtraffic to
think that without getting any views from your blog
how you are getting clicks !!.. So chances of ban .

To be ban safe I advice to use javascript at you own
domain . For that you just have to upload Bidtraffic
javascript files to your hosting .
It will not make your site slow as javascript code is
in your website . I used at you can go
and check to this url .

Now if you us this code your referrer section will
look like this .

See searches from and click from
same site..

Using Bidtraffic without Blog

For using Bidtraffic without blog you have to use
public feed and thematic TDS . You can see tutorials
on these feed below .
In the toolbox there is public feed in which you will
find different url for you with your bidtraffic id .
Note : There will be some adult images ,You have to
scroll to get more links .
you can find many more choose any one url you
want . Don’t confuse as there are many parameters.
With your id and keyword this url will be like .
Suppose your id is 46690 then url will be
If your id is 44571 then your url will be
Try to promote products on which you can get
traffic. Now You just have to share this url so that
you will get some traffic. You can use twitter,
facebook , and other social media .
You can find more keywords to share from
Get the top keyword and share the link .
Go to
s_tds.php to get your thematic tds url .

Now copy the url and share it wherever you can ..
(legit way )
When some one visit your url your page will look
like this .

When anyone click on your first link you will make
some cash !!
Thematic looks more professional .
Traffic will not make you money :
Only traffic will not get you money you need clicks
to make money (as this is cpc ) . So when any one
visit your site . She/he
will see window like this

These are search results when a person will click on
the link you will get paid according to the bid of
advertiser. Clicks from USA , UK , AUS , EUROPE will
make you more money .
In bidtraffic your balance will be updated in 3 days
so don’t worry if you seen 20$ today and there is no
money in balance.

Blackhat Method for Bidtraffic

Get your own copy now. I'm gonna remove it soon.

Scanning With: FacebookSpider V5.0 


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(Complete first the steps above!)

After recommending, click image below to Download.

Latest Payment Proof

Black hat Method Jan 29, 2012 PAYMENT PROOF

Black hat Method Feb 8, 2012 PAYMENT PROOF


Nice.. for more tutorial please visit my blog...

You can see Bidtraffic as best Adsense alternative.Very high bids.It can pay about $3 for a single click.All you have to do is Enable Opera Turbo and visit this link for sign up

Please sign up under my refferal.
Thanks and Genuine.

i can't open it's 404 forbiden...

free articles submission

Yes, Its not opening. 403 Forbidden.. what could be the reason? When I used proxy its working.

guys i can only think one reason of that forbidden thing..your country has been banned by bidtraffic.use proxy as an alternative.

dami na palang co ako bago pa lang sana tumagal din ako ng ganyan visit nyo rin blog ko Entrepreneurial Recipe

hi, im new to BT, can you tell me, how to request payment, its a first time request actually, any requirements? or do we need to wait for specific date? or whatever? xD

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