NOTE: To prevent any abuse or misuse, you will need to complete a quick survey for some downloads means not all. I know it's kinda annoying, but it's the least you can do. It takes 20-30secs to complete the surveys. It took days for me to make and compile this tools.

Keyboard Locker

Keyboard and Mouse Locker


How to use:
  • Install
  • Run
  • Click this up on icon tray usually you can see this in the lower right part of your desktop
  • Set password - the first password area is for you to access the application the second one is to quit the application
  • Put this on start up to prevent unwanted users to access your computer directly

Download it Here


For me I really really want to used this so that my sisters and nephews will not be able to use my laptop ..
haha but that would be to hursh :)
by thw way this is another wild tutorial!!

this is useful and I will be trying it on my lappy. thanks

Hey this is great! I can use it in my office pc.. Thanks so much for another great tip! ;)

I have no use for a keyboard locker since ako lang naman ang gumagamit ng computer ko... :D

Well, this may not be of good use to me but there are many out there who need privacy with their personal computers. I still say this one's a helpful post.

I dont wanna try dis since aq lng gumagamit ng laptop q hassle p:)

my laptop is already equipped with a bio security, no-one can log in except me :)

for offices this might be helpful :)

Looks okay to me. I might try this out. =)

Since no one's using my laptop but me, I really don't think I need this. But thanks for sharing. :)

great! thanks for this post.. gonna try this later

I love it thank you for this software

thanks for this tip :) but I think I'd rather use locking the comp?

this is a great tip if you share your computer/profile with others.

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