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Money Discussion and Trick

Making money Guide and tricks


- Paid to click

I would just like to share some experience and knowledge with these PTC sites.

How to know if a PTC site is a SCAM? huh
Well here's how:

1: First of all, try searching them @ Google
2:Then try on ptc investigation
3: see their forum and payment proofs that has been made by members.
4:look at their forum and look for complaints.

If the site has too many complaints, stay away from it as soon as possible because this usually leads to Site closure

How to know if a PTC site is a Scam (another way):

1: See site stats (Total paid outs, total members, etc...)
2: See forum discussions
3: See click rates

- Usually, PTC sites offer 0.005-0.01 per ad click.

REMINDER: IF THE SITE OFFERS MORE THAN 0.02 in click rates, it is already a SCAM.

No PTC site can offer more than 0.02 except if they offer membership upgrade benefits that says so.

Stay away from sites that say "$10 per click and $10,000 min. payout" .

This is obviously a SCAM.

Compare the advertising rates with the click rates. If the site is offering 1 cent for one click, the advertising rates should be around $ 12 for 1000 visits.

My best tip is to choose sites that offer 0.01 per click Smug

Also, choose sites that has good reputation and good site stats

This is to become more confident with the site and to ensure that you won't be wasting time with the site and more importantly, MONEY

My personal tip:
Dont use PTC sites :)
You can better go get a job irl.
$0.01 for 30 secs of your life.. cmon..
8 ads a day, $0.08 a day.
$0.08 * 7 = $0.56 a week.
$0.56 * 52 = $29.12 a year.

Not worth it.
Even if you buy refs, the cost of the refs vs the proffit. is low..
Maybe it looks like you earned $100 , but you wasted $95 on the refs.

So.. no.

Hope this helped

Happy earnings everyone.

BE safe,keep others safe.

Pay Per Click Tips

Today im gonna show you 7 tips about how you can make profitable campaigns with PPC! I have learned a bunch of great info by some of the most high-class people in the PPC business and I would like to share them with you!

* Forget aboutt Everything You Know – If you think you know something about AdWords forget it. Be willing to change your tactics at any time using the strategies that better trained marketers have developed. Keep an open mind and learn constantly!

* Check Current Statistics – If your products have a small profit margin or you have a low conversion rate on your website as is, you need to address those concerns first. Paying $0.50 a click for a $10 commission on a site with a 2% conversion rate will lose you money. You’ll be paying $25 for $10 in sales. To go with these Pay Per Click tips, remember that a good campaign will boost those low conversions.

* Budgeting – Mistake number one in PPC is not having a set, well defined budget. This is important for a few reasons. First, you don’t want to spend too much before you improve your numbers. Second, it’s hard to compare data if you don’t spend the same amount of money on a daily basis. Only change your budget once you have regular, improved results.

* Targeted Landing Pages – If you have multiple pages on your site, most Pay per Click Tips will tell you to send your readers to the page that be represents the keyword. This means having multiple ad groups and URL targets from those ad groups. You want the visitor to find exactly what the ad has to offer immediately without any future clicks.

* Change Your Ads – Along the same lines, make sure to target your ads effectively. If you sell a series of 10 eBooks on how to make money in the stock market, target each ad to the particular book you’re trying to sell and give the ad its own set of keywords that have been researched and targeted to the product and its buyers.

* Use Long Tail Keywords – A long tail keyword is the focal point of all Pay per click tips. Take dog training. If you bid on “dog training” alone, you’d get thousands of impressions from people who may not yet own a dog, or who are interested in writing about it or who are looking for obedience classes. However, if you use the keyword “golden retriever food aggression”, you’ll target a specific problem that will only be searched for when someone is seeking a solution. Find ways to target questions a buyer will have just before they make a purchase. Product names, author names, and words like “review” or “buy” are great for targeting prepped buyers.

* Negative Keywords – Along the same lines, make sure to research the keywords you DON’T want included in any inquiries for your ad. Common negative keywords include: research, training, free, download, discount, and wholesale.

Secrets To Facebook PPC

Facebook PPC has been a very profitable source of income for me! I have been in the PPC game for several years now, and today I want to show you a couple tricks, so that you can start making money with your campaigns!

The Basics

Ok, if you’re new to Facebook or PPC in general, one of the most critical terms you need to understand is CPC. This stands for Cost-Per-Click, which is how much you’re paying Facebook for each person that clicks on your ad. The key is to have a low CPC, because it will make your ROI (Return-On-Investment) much higher.

To begin to understand how to get a low CPC, you have to firstly understand that the CPC is a bid. This means that you are bidding for your ad to be displayed against other advertisers. So if you are bidding $0.10 and another advertiser is bidding $0.11, the higher bidder will always get more impressions.

Secret of getting a low CPC

There are a couple of ways to decrease your CPC, they are very simple techniques and if you use them you will be sure to see your ROI sky rocket.

Method 1: Test test and more tests!

When you begin to set your CPC bid with Facebook, they will give you a suggested bid. This will usually be between $0.50 and $1.50. This price is insanely high for any term, in any country! People who are not testing and doing what Facebook tells them to do is how Facebook makes their money.

When I start my campaign I always start my bid at $0.10. This is pretty much the maximum I go to. So I let the ad run for an hour or two, setting my budget to $5. After some time I see if I am getting any impressions or clicks. If I am getting quite a lot of impressions and clicks, that tells me I can lower my CPC bid (there is usually a column that says Avg.CPC Bid, and displays where abouts your bid should be).

Now, if your ad isn’t getting any impressions you need increase your bid. I like to keep it below $0.10 because I mainly advertise email offers that have a lower payout compared to something like a Clickbank product. I think $0.15 should be alright for a Clickbank product but don’t go overboard or you will lose money.

Method 2: Interests and Likes!

You may not realize it but the Likes and Interests which you pick to target your ads towards are Facebook’s version of keywords. So it’s much like Google Adwords, where the high competition keywords like ‘weight loss’ have more advertisers wanting them so the CPC will be higher. But with Facebook, someone who is over weight is not likely to put weight loss in their likes and interests section are they? That’s where thinking, “outside the box” is important.

The point I am trying to make with the CPC and their likes and interests, is that if you find your CPC being too high to be profitable, don’t just throw the campaign away. Edit the likes and interests you’re targeting. For example, if you are targeting the weight loss niche, it would be a good idea to target television shows like for example the, “BiggestLoser.” Now lets say the CPC of T.V shows are high then why don’t you try Movie titles…. just think!

Method 3: Timing is EVERYTHING!

One of the best secrets I have learned from the top guru’s is that there are some times in the day when advertisers don’t have their ads up so you can grab a super low CPC with no competition!

First I would advise you to put your ad up at the peak times for the country you’re targeting and see what results you get. If the results are great then that means you might have a really low competition niche and you should pursue it. But if you struggle against other advertisers at the peak times, then it may pay to test it in the down times when no one is advertising for example, early mornings, late at night, etc.

This may seem weird to some, but many times I wanted to drop a campaign until I tried running it in the down times of the country. I have run my ads at 4am in Canada and have gotten a better conversion rate then in the peak times. The advantages of this is you get tons of clicks and impressions (because there are hardly anyone advertising) and you get them for really cheap! Lower your CPC and see what happens!

**TIP** Always test your campaigns, and find something that works. Once you find that, all you have to do is invest money into it so you can recieve a greater payout!

Its as easy as that! So go out create some campaigns, find what is working for you, and make some CASH$$$$!!!!


- Cost per action

Before we start I’m going to explain what CPAlead is and how we are going to earn money of it.


CPAlead is an advertising network that develops technologies to promote advertisements. It provides different ways to put advertisements on your blog/website. There’s no need to know more about CPAlead.


We are going to apply for an account on CPAlead. From your account you will be able to create gateways(advertisements pop-ups) that will block the content of your website/blog for all your visitors. Once a visitor completes a survey he gains acces to your blog/website. More on this later...

When you have been accepted by CPAlead, there is a shoutbox on the home tab(after you loggedin). In there you’ll see plenty of people talking about how much they have earned. So , that’s like unlimited proof I think?

***** CPAlead pays by PayPal, ACH, Wire Transfer or Check *****
***** Minimum payout is 50$ which you can reach easy if *****
***** You CAN NOT use CPAlead for 18+ content websites! *****

Let’s start...

1) Making a blog/website( People with a blog/website can skip this step!)

Before we can fill out an application for CPAlead we will need a blog/website. Now let’s start with going to and signing up for the free hosting plan . This is just a random host I chose to host my blog, you can of course always choose the host u prefer!

Once you finished your registration & confirmed your email you will come to a screen with lots of details about your Cpanel log in, ftpserver address etc... It will ask you if you want to print that page, but if you look in the inbox of you email you will see they also emailed you all the details!
!!! Just make sure you never ever delete that email !!!

2) Configuring wordpress.

Okay, next thing to do is install wordpress ( or any other blog-software you prefer). To do this you just log in at your Cpanel ( log in link & details can be found in the email you received from byethost).

On the left side ( big blue sidebar) you will find all the details about your account & website. Now we go the Software & services and we click on Ivista. On the next screen you just click on Proceed. The screen after that shows a list of all types of software you can install on your website. We are going to use wordpress for this tutorial. So you click on the green button behind Wordpress 2.8 and it will be auto-installed on your website. When your installation is completed you get details about your wordpress installation.
!!! Copy these & paste them in a document. These details are important !!!

The next thing we are going to do is configure our wordpress blog so we go to the wordpress login page of our blog. This is simple: " the link of your website /wp-admin " ( for instance http:/ You can find personal login-link in the details which i told you to paste in a document, you link is located next to "Script Admin CP". Now we’ll come to a wordpress login page where you will need to enter the details you got after we installed wordpress. This mostly is username: admin & password: your Cpanel password.

Once we have logged in you can start editing you wordpress theme & make some posts on your blog ( write articles, write tutorials,.... whatever your blog is about). Just make sure you have 4-5 posts on your blog!

3) CPAlead!

When you configured your blog the way you want it ( & you at least 4-5 posts/blog entries), you are ready to apply for CPAlead. To sign up for CPAlead just go:


After you signed up you will have to wait for them to apply your application. It took only 1 day for me... the maximum is 2 days! Don’t be afraid your application will get cancelled. It will only get cancelled if your blog contains 18+ content or if you don’t have enough posts.

Did your application get cancelled? => Post here ( this is a forum where you can find many CPA admins all the time, they’ll help you with getting approved.)
Did you get approved ? Up to the next step then.

Next thing we’re going to do is log into CPAlead and create a widget(gateway which will contain the advertisements.) Once we are logged in we go to the widgets tab(on top) and then we see a button on the left sidebar ( + create a new widget). Just select your content type & after that you choose webpaged content. Now complete all the steps & design your widget the way you want it. In the end select Enable 'Adblock Protection and Enable 'Disabled Javascript Protection' . After this you copy the code of your widget and go back to you dashboard ( wordpresslogin of your website). Once you are logged in there, you click on appearance on the left sidebar. After this you click editor and you will see the html codes of your blog. On the right sidebar you select footer.php, this will open the html code of your blog.

That’s about it, your blog & widget should now be configured. Now it’s time to be creative and get as many people as possible to complete a survey for you. Every completed survey will give you 0.50$ to 5$ max. You can check your earnings in your CPAlead account & your can also create more widgets & more blogs to earn more and more. You can also enter you IP in the IP bypass list. All the Ip's in this list won't get a blocked content when they go to your blog. The list is located under the widgettab under general options.


- Pay per view

Cost Per View

Cost Per View Advertising

I’m surprised that not so many people still have heard about CPV or PPV traffic. It is one of the best and most cost effective marketing methods you can find. In this short guide I’ll describe what CPV is and how you can monetize this traffic source. CPV (cost per view) or PPV (pay per view) is the same thing. As long as PPV term is associated with television, it’s more distinct to call it CPV or cost per view. But overall, it doesn’t really matter. What matter is how this whole traffic source works and how can you monetize it right.

What is CPV & How it Works?

Have you ever heard of popup or popunder traffic? Well, that’s exactly it. With CPV you pay per one impression as opposed to CPM where you pay per thousand impressions. Min. bids usually start at a penny, so you can calculate that CPM is quite pricy with this traffic, $10 or more. However, it pays off as long as you can super-target with this method and achieve better ROI than on media buys.

Here’s how it works.

A user downloads a screensaver, some kind of toolbar, those smileys and emoticons you see everywhere, or any kind of software online. Along with that software, which is installed on their computers, a user has to agree to additionally install the adware program. How clean or shady this is, I don’t know. Some companies have boxes pre-checked, so when you install software you want, you don’t even notice the checkbox that warns you about adware installation. So users often get it without knowing it. Next thing, whenever they browse the web, they get popups or popunders with ads. And that’s where you come in. As advertiser, you can promote your ads and they’ll be shown to those users browsing the web. And no, the popups cannot be blocked as they are already delivered from the program running in the background. Whenever one popup is delivered, you pay a penny of more depending on your bid price.

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