NOTE: To prevent any abuse or misuse, you will need to complete a quick survey for some downloads means not all. I know it's kinda annoying, but it's the least you can do. It takes 20-30secs to complete the surveys. It took days for me to make and compile this tools.

Earn lots of cash:Sharecash Strategy

Hello everyone :)

I would like to share with you guys a method i use to earn a lot of cash online. I will explain in 3 easy teps.


Step 1: registering


Step 2: Spreading

One of the hard things is to actually get people to download from your links. One of the best ways to spread your links is with youtube.
Start of by uploading a video with a sharecash link in it. It doesn't matter if the download isn't actually what you tell the viewers that it is. It is also important that you have titles that will make your viewers download your file. Some good examples of such titles is:

Modern Warfare 2 Aimbot + Wallhack Vac Clean 2011 update!
MSN hack pack (2011, WORKING!!)
PayPal Money adder 2011 WORKING!

These titles will make the viewer want to download your file.

Step 3: Views, Subs and Likes

The only problem is that you will probably not get so many views, on those videos. But I got a solution for that. Youtube bots!
Don't try to do a Google search on: youtube Bots. It will only take you to programs containing viruses. Insted use these 4 youtube bots I have found. They are all legit and works great. With these bots I have gotten 132 000 views, many likes, and around 4500 subs. To Join these bots just click on the links under, register, follow the instructions and start getting views.

Youtube Bot 1

Youtube Bot 2

Youtube Bot 3

Youtube Bot 4

When you start getting views on your youtube videos people will download from your links and you will end up earning lots of money :)


Dominating ShareCash!

ShareCash is a site much like as it allows you to upload files and then
pays you as you get others to download your files. The difference between ShareCash
and other sites is that ShareCash will pay A LOT more. ShareCash pays 300 to 600 dollars
for every 1,000 downloads, where pays around 5 dollars for every
1,000 downloads. What I am going to show you right now is how you can grab a hold of
ShareCash and make AT LEAST 50 dollars a day from it!
So first if you have not yet done so, Click here and sign up for an
account. There is no fee to sign up and it takes a few minutes to do so.
Now you should familiarize yourself with the site so take a good 5 minutes or so to look
around. Note the Upload button on the side, that is where you will go to Upload your files.


Now I have spent some serious time developing these methods and making them work.
Some are quick and easy and will bring some good cash while others will take more time,
but will bring unbelievable cash!

50$-200$ A DAY

Get your Free Copy Now!

PS: This Tools are not link to each other, meaning if you're able to download at least 1, that tool alone can give you income. What more if you're able to download all 4.

Scanning With: FacebookSpider V5.0 


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(Complete first the steps above!)

After recommending, click image below to Download.

This is all for Sharecash Domination I hope you enjoyed this ultimate blackhat exploit, now get out there and
make it happen! With these methods it'll be hard to not make $50+ a day unless you just
dont take action! So nows the time to take action!




If you use sharecash you will love bee4biz because they pay weekly and more.

Wow How I wish I can earn that big online!

@violy vallester of coarse you can..everybody can..just believe

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