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Create your list of ranking keywords for targeted traffic easily with Keyword Manager

Quickly and easily find a huge list of potential link partners. Details such as PR, Alexa rankings, relevance, IP address, number of outbound links and etc are available to help you in making decisions for a link exchange. Imagine the amount of time spent doing this manually!

Spy on your competition in minutes. Check out who links to your competitors and get them to link to your site. Understand your competition and outrank them.

Easily organize and maintain your list of link partners. Send out personalized emails to webmasters using customizable email templates.

Customizable link pages. This is a clear *Winner* over other SEO softwares. IBP 11 creates stunning professional link pages with website thumbnails. This significantly increases the chances of a link exchange with other webmasters. All in a matter of seconds!

Upload your newly updated link pages directly with IBP without any external FTP softwares.

Checks your link directory for broken links automatically to avoid Google penalizing your website.

Tracks your link partner’s link page to ensure they are maintaining the backlink to your website.

Monitor your search rankings for unlimited targeted keywords across EVERY major search engines. Track your website’s SEO progress with easy to read graphical IBP reports.

Step by Step checklist for SEO webpage building to ensure on-page SEO.

Create reports that give you in-depth details on keyword densities. Meta tags, titles. What blew me away was that the report tells you exactly how to optimize your web pages and gun for the top 10 positions in search engines.

Automatic submission to all major search engines and 100+ minor search engines. Semi-automatic submissions to niche internet directories to increase your website internet visibility.


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Edit the file hosts as administrator add these lines :


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