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So what exactly is Auto Traffic Machine Pro Suite?

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 Auto traffic system.
Crazy Blog Commenter.
Blog Harvester Machine
Forum Harvester Machine.
Article Factory.
White Hat Browser.
Email marketing machine.
Skype Mass Sender.
YouTube Super Bot.
Rapid Indexer.
WordPress Submitter.
Ping Me.
YouTube Mass friends Adder.
YouTube Mass Comments for Videos and Channels.
YouTube Auto subscribe.
YouTube Auto unsubscribe.
YouTube Auto mass messages sender.
YouTube Auto like.
YouTube Auto unlike.
YouTube Auto add to favorite.
YouTube Auto flag.
YouTube Usernames Harvester.
Support Proxy.
Proxy Harvester.
Yahoo Account Creator.
Spin Support.
.Edu and .Gov Harvester.
YouTube Account Creator.
A Good Affiliate Program.

Auto Traffic Machine
Auto Traffic machine uses local system resources rather than server resources, so as long as your machine is on, you are delivering the traffic. Simply send thousands of unique visitors to you website.
 Auto traffic machine is a suite with many tools for bring real traffic and also has a tool for simulate traffic(fake).
With this tool you will get 1000s of new real visitors daily also all fake visitors you want.
With our software it will be easy to create hundreds of thousands of high Pagerank inbound links, not just for one of your websites but for unlimited URLs you specify.
You will easily boost your link popularity, position in search engines. Your sales and sign up will be better. 
Imagine having thousands of new visitors to your website and affiliate links every day, when you want. Just run our software. You can use Auto Traffic machine software to promote any URL you choose. Just add the URLs you want to generate massive traffic and high Pagerank.
Sell visits on sending Hits to any site or any YouTube video, sell domains, websites or get better link exchanges showing your traffic stats and much more...

                               Crazy Blog Commenter

As any decent SEO will tell you there are two main factors in ranking high in the search engines and they are content and backlinks. After you have you're website sorted you will need to start driving backlinks to your site to gain some ranking strength.

Automated commenting on blogs has been an exclusive technique used by the Elites for a long and has been generating them tens of thousands of dollars.

For now and only for a limited time, you can get your hands on an automated Blog Commenter which will comment on thousands and tens of thousands of blogs automatically for you!

Just imagine the time that you’ll save and the thousands of backlinks that you’ll receive. Not to mention the huge rush of traffic coming from all the backlinks and higher search engine rankings!  Crazy Blog Commenter turns you free time into profits by automatically searching for thousands of premium daily-updated blogs related to your niche and submitting high quality comments with backlinks. Finally, with help of revolutionary website promotion software, now you can also build hundreds of first-class backlinks, get better search engine rankings, dramatically increase website traffic and multiply your income in days instead of months. And this is only the beginning.

Crazy blog commenter work with the most of the blog platforms : WordPress, B2evolution, Nucleous etc...
Drive traffic to your site with Auto Traffic Machine Pro, out maneuver and out hit your competition before they do it to you. Develop quality SEO key word optimized content for your web site. Make that content work for you. Don’t sit back and hope your “Page Rank” will increase all by itself, you need to be involved. Without Auto Traffic Machine Pro you won’t sleep, you won’t be able to keep up with the blogs, comments, sites, and forums; your website will be hopelessly buried 10 pages back on a Google search.

This Software is genuinely set to bring massive benefits to those who deploy it using our new fully automatic technology.

                                       Skype Mass Sender
The most powerful message sender - Skype Mass Sender. We just build this highly marketing tool for webmasters, marketing companies and even you want to chat with the online Skype users worldwide.
Webmasters can send your site's link and messages with a few clicks to millions online global Skype users. Let's improve site traffic flow now! Skype Mss Sender - the unique sender, let you send messages to the hundred millions online Skype users worldwide.
Let Skype Mass Sender create the exposure you deserve! Send Your messages for all online Skype users!.

                                            Article Factory

Don't have hours everyday to write new articles for your blogs or search engine marketing efforts? Use the Article Factory and make new articles out of existing ones. It only takes one click and you'll have your new article in seconds.
You do not have to write your article in a special format with merge codes or computer code. Just paste your article into the Article factory and press the spin button. Then you get a new article. It's that easy.
Also get fresh harvested articles from articles directories or search engine.
Why and where do you scrape articles?
Article factory scrape articles from several popular article directories, such as EzineArticles, ArticleBase, ArticlesFactory and all search engine.
These articles are good in quality and available in almost every niche.
Run the Article factory, you'll get near human readable contents.Article factory verifies, detects and removes all duplicate articles. It also removes articles that are too short, and only keeps articles that contain chosen keywords or keyword phrases so the scraped articles contain most relevant and themed content.

                                   WordPress Submitter

WordPress Submitter is a streamlined and extremely reliable article submission system. WordPress Submitter is a completely automated backlink building tool to help drive your website to the top of the search engine rankings. WordPress Submitter will create accounts and submit your articles and press releases to 100s of WordPress accounts fully automatically. Also We including more than 40 new blog platforms and articles directories .

                             Email Marketing Machine
Email Marketing Machine is a completely unique and innovative bulk email sender that makes sending mass mailing a breeze. It is a powerful email utility to create and send emails. Bulk Mailer is fast, quite customizable and easy to use. It is one of the most powerful and  facile tool of our bulk email marketing software industry. With its high efficacy.
                                      White Hat Browser

         White Hat Browser is a powerful web browser for hiding your SEO activities.

                                    YouTube Super Bot

YouTube Super Bot
 Automates all YouTube Tasks. In autopilot this powerful tool will help you automatically send messages to your friends or to targeted users. It will make it easier to post comments on videos, send friend requests, comment on channels, subscribe to channels. You will be able to build a list of targeted users by using the browser to extract users based on the criteria you decide. Once you have extracted the exact type of users you wish to contact, then YouTube Super Bot will automatically send friend requests, send messages, make comments, with everyone on that list. 


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