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Ultimate CPA Method

 Finally I decided to share my very own CPA Method. Technically speaking only some part is my own, but I'm the one who arranged it accordingly to be more efficient. Actually it is now a thousand times more efficient than the original one.

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For Newbies or let just call new for this kind of business Please Visit first the following links:
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2.CPA Approval Guide
3.How to do SEO
4.Search Engine Tools
5.Keyword Tool

     First, I will tell you how to pick a converting CPA offer. This part is very important since it could easily double (triple) your earnings. In the Second section, I will tell you how to set up the technical side of the campaign in details.
   The Third part is about outsourcing the boring stuff ?! In this part I will tell you how to find people and how to approach them to have them do the boring stuffs for you. Actually you can do the boring part yourself but I would never do. I hate doing boring tasks that’s why I outsource them. You don’t have to be worried about finding the person for outsourcing I will introduce them to you. Also, you can find your own service providers to outsource but remember that you may have hard time searching for the people that won’t scam you!

      Probably you need to test 5-6 persons by paying them the money to find your golden employee! Finally, just wait and see your results. This is probably the best of part of the plan since you will see the money flowing into your CPA account in 3-4 hours $$$ Also, I included a “twist and tweak” part in this report to let you know that how you can optimize the campaign and even earn more money than I did! I hope you enjoy reading the guide and start implementing the strategy as soon as you finish this guide.

A QUICK Conclusion for this amazing guide

Let’s have a review of this guide’s material by itemizing the steps.

1. Go to your CPA account and pick an offer based on the mentioned criteria.

2. Buy a related domain name and set up the website by iframing the offer’s link.

3. Go to Fiverr and find a person to design your flyer and another person to distribute it. Make sure that you first think about the target before ordering the Gig.

4. Do some tweaks to optimize your campaign and even make more money.

I hope that you make as much money as you desire. You can simply hit $500 per day if you practice the method and even find you own source of traffic. Offline marketing of CPA offers is a profitable source so try to test every offline strategy that promotes your offer to the targeted people.

Hope you again learn something from me...
:) Cheers.


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