NOTE: To prevent any abuse or misuse, you will need to complete a quick survey for some downloads means not all. I know it's kinda annoying, but it's the least you can do. It takes 20-30secs to complete the surveys. It took days for me to make and compile this tools.

Free Bingo Blitz Credits

Get up to 1,000 Bingo Blitz Credits daily. Our Sponsors will give you credits for every surveys you made,don't worry bingo players the surveys are totally free. just click the simcash picture below to complete survey and earn credits.

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After completing the steps above, click image below to get credits.


Recent Comments:

Maricel Patua Lutian Thanks! i got mine. ;) but only 350 credits
20 minutes ago ·  

Aanomita Hossain i got it hahaha! i want more!!!!
16 minutes ago · 
FBGames me i get 930 credits..
15 minutes ago · 
Jackelie L. Millan ‎???? how to unlock ?
13 minutes ago  ·  Like

Maricel Patua Lutian tnx for this haha! :P
12 minutes ago · Like

Maricel Patua Lutian @jackie just complete 1 short survey like i did..
6 minutes ago · Like
April Short-Williamson Congrats Marciel...gonna share this to my friends
5 minutes ago · Like

Maricel Patua Lutian thanks April ;)
2 minutes ago· 


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