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Hide Files Inside a Picture

Tutorial How to hide file inside a Picture
Note: This simple trick can also be used to bypass email sending that prohibited attaching .rar, .exe or any other file formats. Office workers out their you can now cheat your server by not able identify the file you're sending xD!

1. On your desktop create a new folder; in that folder add the files, that you would like to hide and the picture. In this picture we will hide the files.

2. Open Command Prompt (cmd) (start->Run in Run option type cmd and click OK) and navigate to where your file located. In my example "cd desktop/tut"

3.Then type copy /b picture_name.jpg + file.rar new_ picture_name .jpg. It looks like this
“copy /b x.jpg + thesis.rar pinguin.jpg”

Now you can see that a file has been created

Now it's done! If you want to access the file that you just hide open it with winrar



thanks for the information!!! from Gems of My Dailies

Good idea just the friend I want to know the style of windows that your on your PC, in any case I'll pull the hat friend good luck and good luck waiting for other ideas.
appareil dentaire invisible

wow nice .yuo can see picture instead od a file only without others knowing it.This is a good tutorial.

@sam sami it's windows 7 professional ..@ tatess thanks for the feedback

Interesting trick especially for those who have pictures blocked at the office. Now there's a cool workaround to that!

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